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We'll handle the paperwork


Kevin Llanes & Amaury Pardo

Our company has one goal mainly, to obtain the proper permits for your building projects. As professionals in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience required to obtain a permit for your next building project.  Whether it is for Building a House, A Garage, General Construction, Room Additions, Electrical, Roofing, ETC, we have got you covered 100% of the way and time. 


Our Experience

We earned our experience through work and merit at  Newport Construction, INC. For three years, we learned the ropes and then demonstrated our knowledge of the industry as permit coordinators. Through this, we were able to help construction companies all over the state of Florida obtain the correct permits needed to legally pursue their construction project. 


  • Fill out paperwork on your behalf

  • Track fees and inspections to avoid extra or unnecessary costs

  • Streamline the process with superior knowledge of permit requirements

  • Allow you to focus on the enjoyable parts of construction or renovation


LLP Permit Solutions provide services to help homeowners and business owners alike save time and avoid fines, stop-work orders, or legal action regarding projects. These services are a great alternative for those who'd rather not deal with all the paperwork themselves. We provide peace of mind and the convenience of saving your time and effort.

What Our Clients Say

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